Finding the heart in financial planning

When it comes to money and finances, what’s the first thing you think of? How does your money make you feel?

If you want a less frustrating financial planning experience that gives you more freedom to make the choices you want to make, then let’s have  a chat. We also have a DIY section below, so if you want to get started with out us – go for it!

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, since financial goals are not reached through intermittent transactional interactions, but rather through ongoing monitoring, re-planning and adjusting. This is how we help you find the heart of your financial future.

Machrie Brokers was established in 1991 by Marius Pepler and is now a second-generation family business, providing financial planning services to clients for going on 30 years. Ruark Pepler purchased the business from his father in 2010. We have extended our offering to include Financial Coaching as well as Offshore Structuring and Investments. We are a proudly independent fee-based financial planning practice.

Spread your net wider

When it comes to your retirement and the planning thereof, being covered by international pension plans could provide you with the benefits that you seek.

Sharpen the pencil

Offshore investment accounts may perform better at times than local investments. Investing offshore also gives you access to a wider opportunity set.

Cover that's centered on you

Being an independent advisor means we can offer Short Term Insurance Plans from all major insurers. Putting you first – not the insurance company.

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Meet our team

Ruark Pepler

Financial Adviser

Ruark is the managing director of Machrie Brokers and has been with Machrie since October 2007 after returning from living in the UK for two years. He purchased the business from his father Marius Pepler (the founder) in 2010.

Ruark holds the following qualifications: A Bcomm degree in Entrepreneurship, Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law, Advanced Post Graduate diploma in Assets and Investments, he currently holds the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation and has multiple regulatory qualifications and certificates.

Ruark's passions are Coffee, coffee, coffee, hiking, scuba-diving and innovative financial planning. He also enjoys listening to audio books and growing vegetables (growing them is more fun than eating them 😀).

Ruark is a vital part of the team and sets the strategic direction of the business and frustrates all the staff by constantly implementing new ideas and creating new spreadsheets.

He enjoys challenging himself and is constantly educating himself so that he can offer a wide range of services and advice to his clients.

Ruark believes strongly in building relationships with clients and educating them so that they can gain financial freedom. He always says that he is in the "advice-giving business" and not the "product-selling" business. This is why he runs one of the few fee-based financial businesses in South Africa.

Our practice is fiercely independent since he feels that you cannot implement the most efficient solution for a client if you are restricted to providing solutions from one specific product provider.

Joline Pepler

(also known as B1)

Joline has been with Machrie since 2014.

She is the Practice Manager & Offshore Administrator.

She holds the following qualifications: Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and a Bcom degree in Business Management.

Joline's passions are spending time in nature, reading, attempting her hand at art and guitar, traveling and loves spending time with her family, friends and her doggies.

Joline is extremely dedicated and efficient and spends a large amount of her time bossing her husband (Ruark) around (she calls it organising his life 😀).

Dorothy van den Berg


Dorothy joined Machrie in 2017 as our receptionist and was promoted to a junior administration position after being with us for a year.

Dorothy enjoys reading, socializing with her friends, traveling and watching movies and series.

Dorothy has a very quite nature but is always willing to assist and pays attention to detail, she has a shown a knack for problem-solving.

Her quite competence makes her one of our back-bone administrators to keep everything running smoothly in the office.

Jolene Jooste

(also known as B2)

Jolene previously worked for Machrie in the Short-Term department in 2016, she left us to move to Pietermaritzburg with her family but moved back to Secunda in 2019.

Jolene was a very efficient administrator in the short-term department so as soon as we heard that she was back we snatched her up before anyone else could.

She currently holds an administrative position.

Jolene is currently studying towards a Higher Certificate in Financial Planning.

She enjoys reading, hiking, swimming and spending time with her family and friends.

Jolene is quick learner and a hands-on problem solver, her OCD nature makes her an excellent administrator even if sharing an office with her can result in many infringements on her personal "bubble" 🙂

Kathy Pepler

Financial Manager

Kathy has been at Machrie since it was established in 1991.

Her main role is in the financial office; dealing with various book-keeping, payments and administrative duties.

Kathy holds the following qualifications: Passenger handling (from her days working at SAA) and Damelin Administration Computer Skills certificate.

She enjoys collecting tins and pottering around with her plants.

Like everyone knows, behind every successful business founder, is a hard-working woman in the back keeping it all together.

Kathy ensures that the office runs smoothly and that we all have what we need to do our jobs sufficiently.

Emma Masilela


Emma has been with Machrie for 24 years.

Many of us in the company grew up under her watchful eye.

She is part of the family and like any family member will do anything to help you, even if it is to point out that you are not behaving well.

She is always willing to help out with any task and is quick to smile and slow to anger.

DIY - Learn it yourself!

Risk Insurance Series: Future cover

Future Cover is an insurance plan in which pay a small premium to book the right to take out insurance later in life, without having to prove you’re healthy in the future. Future cover can create the flexibility for large life events (e.g. childbirth, In this video, amongst other benefits …

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Risk Insurance Series: Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance protects your ability should any health or physical event (like an accident) inconvenience you from making an income. In this video, Ruark talks about the value of the following types of disability insurance: Income Protection (Temporary Income Protection and Permanent Income) Lump Sum Disability Cover

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Risk Insurance Series: Life Insurance

Life Insurance is possibly one of the most common forms of insurance specifically in the form of funeral cover – everyone seems to believe that they need funeral cover. We don’t think this is necessarily the best approach. Ruark shares some tips and thoughts to work through before taking Life …

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Ruark and Nicolene are excellent in their work and service delivery. Nicolene is quick, efficient, friendly and communicates very well. Ruark has our affairs at heart and acts to find the best ways to support us under the changing circumstances.

Mr & Mrs Myburgh

I’ve had the great pleasure of coaching Ruark to take his client experience and financial planning business to the next level. He’s one of a small number of a new breed of highly valuable, client-centred lifestyle financial planners, who want to help people live the best life possible with the money they have available. If you can get to work with Ruark, you’ll find yourself in great hands. He’s a top man.​

Brian Foster

The Financial Caddie

Ruark has been a key strategic partner for our S12J venture capital company – Nesa Investment Holdings. He has a clear and detailed working knowledge of section 12J and venture capital in South Africa and is able to convey this in a clear and concise manner to his clients. It has been a pleasure working with Ruark and we look forward to many more years working together!

Percy Ying

Nesa Investment Holdings

Ruark has extensive knowledge of Section 12J and advising (his) clients in relation to Section 12J investments.

Jonty Sacks

Partner at Jaltech

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