Machrie offers you the full range of services to meet your financial planning needs. Besides offering you the normal insurance and investment products, we also offer specialist advice on offshore structures and investments that will not only help secure your retirement but also provide financial security and certainty for your family.

Welcome to the Machrie Group

Machrie is a group of businesses that originated and grew from the original parent company Machrie Brokers, which began in 1991 as a life insurance and investment brokerage. Machrie Group has now become a one-stop shop for all your Financial and Investment Needs.

Offshore Investment Accounts

Offshore investment accounts may perform better at times than local investments. Investing offshore also gives you access to a wider opportunity set.

Offshore Investment Management

Looking for offshore investment management to be made easy for you? Find out what your options are when it comes to moving your money offshore.

Short Term Insurance Plans

Being an independent advisor means we can offer Short Term Insurance Plans from all major insurers. Working for you, our client and not as insurance agents.

International Pension Plan

When it comes to your retirement and the planning thereof, being covered by international pension plans could provide you with the benefits that you seek.

International Retirement Plans

Key to enjoying your golden year’s? International retirement plans, giving your money time to grow while you ensure a higher level of financial security.

Offshore Investment Products

Don’t wait for the Rand to take another dive. Weigh up your options with offshore investment products and make the most of a world of investment beyond SA.

Offshore brokerage accounts

Intelligent investing with offshore brokerage accounts. You can invest in global markets accessing opportunities usually not available to local investors.

Get An Offshore Bank Account

Investing offshore makes no sense if you are forced to have your proceeds sent home. An offshore bank account gives you freedom to take control your finances.

Invest Offshore

Take advantage of reputed offshore Investment and Corporate Services Providers offering you a range of Investment Solutions, International Trusts and more.

Financial Planning

Success is reached through planning and preparation. Get an online quotation for your financial freedom with solutions that are unique to your requirements.


Property is the largest investment most people will make. Take a holistic approach and Browse or List properties as we match buyers and sellers of property.