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Avoid crippling your finances

It is highly likely that one of your biggest assets is your earning power. It is vital to protect this asset and ensure you maintain a steady salary until you have reached your financial goals. Many people take a head-in-sand approach when it comes to income protection, believing that they’ll never be inflicted with a…
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Your health is your wealth

“It is health that is your real wealth” — Mahatma Gandhi Many entrepreneurs and ambitious people are concerned with climbing the career ladder and building their wealth. However, as you get older or suffer bouts of illness, you will start to appreciate the true value of your health and not take it for granted. Although…
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Females and Finance

This Thursday, 9th August is National Women’s Day, which marks the historic moment on 9th August 1956 when 20,000 South African women of all races showed that they would not be intimidated by unjust laws when they marched to Pretoria’s Union Buildings to present a petition to the prime minister against the carrying of passes.…
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Tax Smart Series: 2. Section 12J VCC Investment

Basically, a Section 12J VCC Investment buys shares in a specific type of company. There are several reasons why you might choose this type of investment vehicle, but primarily it assists in optimising tax for companies and trusts. For a quick overview, please watch the video below or if you need financial advice on your investments,…
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Wills Series 2: Provisions for Minors

Why do you need a will? Ironically, this is often the last item that most people tick off in their financial plan - and we think it should be the first! When it comes to minors or children in your will, here are two key things to consider: Guardian nomination Trustee nomination We hope this…
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Tax Smart Series: 1. Retirement Annuities

Our hope with these videos is to highlight investments that are tax favourable and can help you grow your wealth faster. The first of these is the Retirement Annuity (RA), which is essentially a personal pension fund. Ruark works through some of the key benefits of owning an RA in this clip - we hope this…
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Wills Series 1: The Basics

Why do you need a will? Ironically, this is often the last item that most people tick off in their financial plan - and we think it should be the first! Not having a will in place creates a lot of stress for the loved ones you leave behind - regardless of how old you…
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Investment Types: Retirement Annuities

Retirement Annuities are possibly one of the most popular products in a financial plan. As long term investment products, they're the first thing that most brokers or financial salesmen try to sell. They have many benefits, but need to be accurately managed in order to understand and enjoy these benefits. We hope this video clip…
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Investment Types: Types of Investments

This clip is designed to give a quick and brief overview of the different types of investments. We have noticed that often clients are confused around which types to use and which will be the most beneficial inside of their personal portfolios. Ruark unpacks some of these here Discretionary Investments Endowments Retirement Annuities Tax Free…
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