Machrie offers you the full range of services to meet your financial planning needs. Besides offering you the normal insurance and investment products, we also offer specialist advice on offshore structures and investments that will not only help secure your retirement but also provide financial security and certainty for your family.

Welcome to the Machrie Group

Machrie is a group of businesses that originated and grew from the original parent company Machrie Brokers, which began in 1991 as a life insurance and investment brokerage. Machrie Group has now become a one-stop shop for all your Financial and Investment Needs.


Where to invest

Experience real growth and learn imperative steps with your investment structuring.Be a successful investor by working with a fee based Financial Planner

Investment Structuring

Browse or List properties as we match buyers and sellers of property.

Financial Planning

Fee based advice

Success is reached through planning and preparation. Let us help you on your way to financial freedom.

Setup Offshore Bank Account / Company or Trust

Financial Planning Services Offered

There are some very good reasons to use Offshore structures. Tax planning is just one of them.

Invest Offshore

Offshore Investment Accounts

Diversifying Offshore is becoming more important for South Africans. We know how.